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The Team

Who We Are

David Cheung

Senior Regional Manager

After graduation from Accounting and Finance in 2012, David courageously chose a more challenging path instead of the stable income that could be offered by pursuing a career in the accounting industry. He joined Synergy in 2013, in 9 years he was promoted from financial planner to Senior Regional Manager, he achieved 6 years of MDRT qualification among the 9 years of service.

Now he is leading a team of over 70 advisers. His brilliant achievement includes achieving a million dollars annual income from his second year onwards, and started to build team on his third. His expertise is in personal and business insurance, wealth protection, Unit Trust investment and Family Trust.

One of the highlight of his career is the opportunity to travel, he has visited over 10 different countries with the Company’s travel incentive. His vision is to serve more people in Hong Kong, and one day to setup an educational trust in his home town in China to help those in need.

Albert Ng

Unit Manager

With the background of Business management education, Albert started his career in the banking and finance industry, after some steady success in the business management area, he joined Synergy in early 2002 looking for a breakthrough in his career. He then started his successful career in Synergy, he has achieved lifetime and honour roll MDRT ever since 2002, and his professional qualifications was numerous. His expertise is in financial planning, wealth accumulation, asset management and family trust planning.

He started to build his team in 2005 and now leading a team of over 25 junior partners. His clientele is from all over the globe, and he has published numerous books on succession planning, family trust planning and international tax planning.

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Edmund Lai

Unit Manager

Edmond is one of Synergy’s younger managers, he graduated in New Zealand and has worked there briefly as an interpreter and journalist, looking for more in his life, he returned to Hong Kong and joined Synergy in 2014, he achieved MDRT same year and now already leading a sales team with young and energetic fresh graduates. His expertise is in protection planning for young graduates and retirement planning of successful professionals

Florine Yun

Unit Manager

Prior to joining Synergy she was a Group Account Director in a 4A’s adverting agency in Hong Kong. She was later posted in Beijing for 4 years’ in management position. After some highly successful years in the advertising industry, Florine started to look for a career which she can enjoy a more balanced life style. And she chose wealth protection and investment planning.

Florine is currently Executive Planner and Branch manager with Synergy. She is a veteran in wealth management and servicing clients in Hong Kong and China on their specific goals, she specializes in Trust, Will and Enduring Power of Attorney for effective estate planning, and she has been running Trust Seminars to promote aspects of estate planning and distributions for the past years.

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Karen Law

Unit Manager

Karen was educated in the UK, graduated with a degree in Business Administration. After obtaining a success in the merchandizing industry, she was aware that the merchandising industry is in a decline, so she decided to change lane as she saw the financial management sector is the future.

Being a competent and independent young lady, Karen’s passion is in helping her client to secure financial freedom in any stage of their lives. At a young age, Karen believes protection is the key, after that wealth accumulation and creation would be achieve by disciplined investment strategies, and as her client mature, health protection increases in importance. So Karen’s vision is clear, being able to manage one’s money wisely would lead to a stress free life. This is what drives her to serve her clients tirelessly every day.

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