Synergy Financial Organization

One of the most experienced, professional and largest agencies under Prudential Hong Kong Limited.


Our Legacy

What is Synergy?

Synergy means utilising the power of alliance and togetherness to create a greater effect than the sum of separate individuals.


Sharing attitude makes us stand superior to other financial services. Each person's strength is beneficial to the whole.

We emphasise the importance of continued training and development for both individually and as a team. To work hard and to have the potential to achieve phenomenal results as well as having a balanced lifestyle. 

Our vision

To form a growing team of the best financial planning professionals

Our mission

To serve our clients with bespoke solutions and advice to best suit their financial and insurance needs

Our values




People oriented

Work culture

Genuine, passionate, and hard working. These are the people who work here. Being successful in the workplace and achieving financial stability is only one part of life. That is why at SFO, due to the nature of the work, we encourage all employees to have a healthy and balanced work life. 

We emphasise on the idea of sharing; whether it be sharing ideas, tips, time, values etc., a combination of minds and effort are always more effective than one.