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Passing down

Expert Knowledge

 We have the know-how for you to succeed.


All employees are eligible to regular training and evaluation in order to help you achieve the best result to your ability 

Training NATG New Agent Training Group

Also known as 'drilling', this one year compulsory course equips all agents knowledge and technique in how to talk to clients effectively.

SBM Sales Builder Meeting

Opportunity to review progress weekly with discussions, how to learn from past mistakes and how to improve strategies

Market update

Monthly market updates of the latest news and changes in the industry to keep agents up to date with the current happenings. New speakers are invited each session to share their professional insights.


It is encouraged that agents also attend external talks and seminars to better understand how psychology and personality can benefit every day work.

Edmond Lai, Unit Manager

I am a simple person. I just follow the teaching script when talking to clients so I know exactly what to say. This training helped me to connect and communicate with a client efficiently.

Tim Leung, Financial Consultant

I think drilling is very important, especially for new agents, to know what to expect and what to say. It also gave me a chance to practice with different cases and people to better prepare me.

Karene Cheung, Financial Consultant

The training gives me an opportunity to listen and learn from experienced agents, of their tips on how to win over clients with a well formulated plan that demonstrates the importance of the product.

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