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A Mission to Help with a Heart of Gold

With the support of two very important people, Ring Ma is here for the long run as she finds SFO to help her fulfil her mission of helping others.

Starting at a young age, Ring familiarised herself with insurance and its power and ability to help others through her mother, who has also been in this career for over 30 years. Ring shares that "my role model is my mother, she has taught and shown me it is possible to pursue a career that can be a life time commitment." The second influencer is Ring's husband, who has been in SFO for 8 years. After joining some of their training sessions, the culture, work ethic and friendliness of SFO with regards to training new agents encouraged Ring to take the first step in the pursuit of this career.

"I think the reason I am able to do well is because the way I see my job. I won't think about how long do I need to work here for, but how to do my job better and be even happier?"

Ring's family and loved ones is a vital part in her life. She wishes to show her daughters that the joy from helping others is a life time commitment, like her mother taught Ring when she was young. "Helping people makes me really happy and I am passionate about how my role impacts other people that I help. It really motivates and drives me to do well", says Ring.

Naturally, starting out a new job was tough. Ring felt the most challenging aspect was her expectations with friends when she asked them to start a insurance plan. "I felt a bit betrayed and hurt to find out that they were not as willing to help me as I first thought. But actually, if you think in the long term of helping others and fulfilling this mission and not focus on the temporary rejections, I truly believe that it is only a matter of time before I am able to get through to them."

"Focusing on one's values and ambition, while letting go of negative thoughts is the key to meaningful work", shares Ring. Finally, one thing to take away is that key to do meaningful work and happiness is to continue to learn and improve; have a optimistic attitude in every day work, and always aim to be better than yesterday.

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