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Finding the right place with SFO

Updated: Apr 24, 2018

A personal and inspiring retelling of what led David Cheung to SFO, and his key to success may be easier than you think.

David Cheung stepped foot into Synergy 5 and a half years ago; being recently promoted to Regional Manager, he shares his story and advice in order to do well in this industry. He studied finance and accounting, but lacked communication, sales, or people oriented skills. David explains that he chose SFO to develop his career after learning more about this agency, what attracted him was the professional and methodical approach of training.

"When I first walked in I knew nothing. Up to this date, all my sales strategies, management capability, public speaking skills, character development etc. are all acquired through my time here in SFO."

With a background from Mainland China, David described himself to be 'blank canvas' when he first came to Hong Kong. Being in SFO "gave me knowledge about this sector, all the different products and services, and most importantly, the necessary skills to be a great sales person." He says that "even if I were to leave this agency, the skills that I have acquired will still be very applicable to other careers. That is the most precious gift I have been given here"

I sincerely hope that all employees, especially those who work under me, would put effort into building a strong foundation of skill set that is offered through their training and development, and then begin to develop management strategies.

"Think simple and work hard. That is my advice for success."

It takes effort to practice and learn, but it is worth it in the end. In the last few years, even though the economy has been turbulent, David is happy to state that business was not affected because of his solid foundation and method to business. His final words of wisdom for fellow coworkers today is "simply put, in order to succeed in this area, I believe the key is to keep a simple mind and work hard. Embrace all chances of learning to better oneself."

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