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On new beginnings and fulfilling dreams

Updated: Apr 24, 2018

Compared to his previous 19 years of experience in public sector employment, a mere few months in Synergy Financial Organisation made Willis Wong realise this new beginning may be worth more than he first thought.

Willis Wong was in a law enforcement agency in Hong Kong for 19 years before decided to take a break and pursue something new. "I was still hesitant whether or not to pursue insurance as my career, but during the observation period, I found SFO's work culture was very pleasant and that the fellow co-workers were helpful and attentive, especially to new additions to the agency, which I am grateful for."

In order to do well in this career, it is vital to have good habits, perseverance, and patience. Being a 'people person' would help too.

Willis' knowledge and skills previously obtained from his time in the ICAC has helped him transition into this role. As an experienced speaker of Continuing Professional Development courses on anti-corruption and professional ethics, he was able to bring these values and skills with him into SFO. "I find being a financial consultant is significantly less stressful and the skills are much more specific, which suited my personality as someone who likes to meet new people."

"The biggest change for me in this new environment was the transition between being an employee to being a self employed individual. Coincidentally, it was a childhood dream of mine to own and manage my own business, which is in fact similar to what I am currently doing."

I know that it is inevitable to experience difficulties and obstacles but I am prepared to take on the challenge.

At the end of the day, even if there was a rough start in a new career and it does not go as planned, it does not mean performance cannot be improved in time, shares Willis. "Most importantly I just need to hold on to my own values and find a direction to move forward. I very much hope my work would benefit more clients and their families in the future by providing them with the best solutions on financial planning."

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